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martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

Romania 2011-12

This is a difficult post. It's my first post in English. But If I learned econometrics in English, shouldn't be much more difficult write some lines more.

As you know, last weekend was the "SB International Film Festival", and I saw a Spanish film. It wasn't the only one. A neighbor gave me some tickets to see another one on the last Sunday of the Festival, and Imagine what film I saw... "Roxanne" a Romanian production.

I'm sure that most of you don´t know but I did my Erasmus in Bucharest. I lived there several months with some great students; many of them were from another countries, like me. We learned about our differences, our similarities, and about the Romanian people and culture. I traveled around that country a lot and I absorbed many concepts, ideas, new knowledge...

Getting back to the film, it was Romanian language and subtitled in English. It was great because now I know my memory is good and I understood almost a 85% of the film.

There were only two moments that I needed to use the English subtitles to understand what they where saying. Imagine my first moment, my confusion and shock to think in Spanish, hear in Romanian, and read in English. Too much for me.

Other fact that made the film more important to me is that I finished my Erasmus more or less in this birthday week, exactly two years ago. So to see the Bucharest's streets in "Roxanne" and the actual date, made me remember everything in a rush. First, the people (that mix of nationalities: Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Turkey, China, Poland, Netherlands and Lithuania), secondly my birthday cake (The one that my Canaries Islands' girls made me with all the love of the world); and finally, really good moments, moments in the kitchen, moments at the ASE (Academia de Studii Economice din Bucuresti), moments in clubs, walking through the streets, in the taxis, in the metro, falling in the snow/ice and that freezing cold...

Guys thanks for all the experiences lived. You got a part of my heart.

Do you know the worst? Why am I here in the USA? I'm sure that Romania played a role. Another culture, other moments, more travels, people... But without forgetting what came before...

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